Fully automatic vs Semi automatic washing machines – which one is better ?

Do you know the exact differences between semi automatic and fully automatic washing machines ?

Do you want to know about advantages and disadvantages of semi automatic and fully automatic washing machines ? If yes then you are at the perfect place !

If you have any confusion about semi automatic and fully automatic washing machine then this post will clear all your doubts.

It is the most frequently asked question whenever anyone decides to buy a washing machine for his/her home. Earlier semi automatic machines were quite popular but now fully automatic washing machines are in trend among customers.

Washing machine is now a requirement for every household because it saves lot of energy and time. It is quite natural to get confused while buying a washing machine because multiple brands manufacture washing machines of different designs and with different features.

To make you aware so that you pick the perfect washing machine for your home we shall now discuss about differences between fully automatic and semi automatic washing machines.

For we Indians, Pricing of a product is one of the most crucial factor while deciding to buy it.

Semi automatic washing machines are mostly cheaper than fully automatic machines of the same capacity. Semi automatic machine will require some manual efforts by your side and they don’t need constant water supply.

These semi automatic washing machines have two separate tubs. One tub is for washing purpose and other for drying purpose. Generally, semi automatic washing machines come with top loading model.

In semi automatic washing machines you need to control or manage the water supply and machine’s settings while the machine is washing your clothes.

Semi automatic machines were used mostly in recent past but now most people prefer to go for a fully automatic machine due to its ease of use and convenience while washing clothes.

Fully automatic washing machine comes with one tub that do washing and drying both. All the tasks are done just by pushing a button. You don’t have to manually put the clothes in other tub for drying.

In fully automatic washing machines, you have to just select a washing program by pressing a button and all washing processes will be completed automatically. They are highly efficient and need constant running water for their operation.

You will not have have to regulate or monitor anything in case of fully automatic washing machines. They come with both- front load model as well as top load model.

Advantages/Disadvantages of Semi-Automatic washing machines

Advantages of semi automatic washing machines :-

  • Cheaper than fully automatic washing machines
  • Less water is needed while washing
  • No requirement of continuous water flow
  • Less time required for washing

Disadvantages of semi automatic washing machines :-

  • Regular attention is required
  • Takes more space than fully automatic machines
  • Manual effort is required
  • Child lock is mostly not available
  • Wash quality is not as good as of fully automatic

Advantages/Disadvantages of Fully-Automatic washing machines

Advantages of fully automatic washing machines :-

  • Everything is done automatically
  • No manual effort is required
  • Compact size and so takes less space than semi automatic
  • Excellent performance
  • Latest and innovative technology
  • Child lock is available most of the time
  • Awesome experience while washing because you don’t have to regulate anything
  • You can do other things while machine is washing your clothes

Disadvantages of fully automatic washing machines :-

  • Costlier than semi automatic
  • More water is required
  • More power is consumed

Conclusion :-

Now we have seen that fully automatic washing machines are better than semi automatic washing machines in almost every aspect.

If your budget allows then you should definitely buy a fully automatic washing machine. However if you don’t mind putting some efforts from your side while washing then you can surely go for semi automatic washing machines.

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