Best Liquid Detergent for Washing Machine – Ultimate Guide

You have bought the best washing machine according to your requirements and now you want to see the results !

But it is a well known fact that only washing machine alone can not give perfect wash quality until a good detergent is used for washing clothes.

Washing machines need detergents as their partner while doing your laundry. You have two choices for detergents – One is washing powder detergent and other is Liquid detergent.

But the question is why should we use liquid detergent in washing machines ?

Sometimes washing powder does not dissolve completely into the water while washing and they may create some white coloured deposits on your clothes. And then you will have to wash clothes again to remove the white coloured deposits.

Washing powder detergents takes more time to be dissolved in water and also they do not get dissolved completely. Though these washing powders are readily available in our local stores but most of the washing machines don’t perform well with powders.

For the best results and outstanding performance of your washing machine using Liquid detergent will be better choice because they don’t create any type of deposits on your clothes.

Why is Liquid detergent a better choice than washing powder ?

Most people prefer liquid detergent for their washing machine because liquid detergents have lot of advantages over the traditional washing powder detergents.

Liquid detergents dissolve very fast into water and they get dissolved completely. There is no any residue left from liquid detergents. Liquid detergents don’t do any harm to your clothes while using washing powder causes color of clothes to fade in some cases.

Liquid detergents are more efficient than washing powders. They are also required in very little amount. One bottle of a liquid detergent will last at least for 1 to 1.5 months.

Now you know that using liquid detergent is a better choice than using washing powder.

There are multiple brands of liquid detergent manufacturers and it will be really a tedious job for you to get best liquid detergent for your washing machine.

But don’t worry. We have provided this guide for the best liquid detergent in India. Just choose any one from this list and help your washing machine in washing clothes more effectively.

Best Liquid detergent for washing machine in India 2020

1. Surf Excel Top Load Matic Liquid Detergent

  • Best dissolution properties
  • Provides superior fragrance to your clothes
  • Removes toughest stain very easily
  • No residue is left in your machine or on your clothes
  • Front load variant is available of same brand

Ariel Matic Liquid Detergent

  • Removes tough stains in just one wash
  • Specially designed for automatic washing machines
  • No spillage is possible due to unique design of the cap

These two brands are the best ones and you can choose any one of them.

What are the qualities of a good liquid detergent ?

  • Should not leave any residue on your clothes and in the machine
  • Should be gentle on your hands
  • Should have a good flavor or fragrance

Advantages of liquid detergents

  • Most suitable for hard water
  • Perfect for fully automatic washing machines
  • Do not leave any residue on clothes
  • Ideal for colored clothes
  • Dissolve in water very quickly

Disadvantages of liquid detergents

  • They are expensive as compared to powder detergents
  • Initially a lot of detergent is wasted until you know the perfect proportion for the liquid detergent.

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