Best Washing Powder Detergent For Washing Machines

When anyone talks about washing powder in India, immediately a song comes in mind that is “Washing Powder Nirma, Doodh si Safedi…….Sabki pasand Nirma“.

Also the first photo of anyone that comes in our mind is that of cute little girl dancing at the song of Washing Powder Nirma.

Nirma Washing Powder

However, there is a lot of diversity in usage of washing powders in India.

In the same family, one person is using Ariel while other person is using Tide.

But it is really confusing situation when we have to decide about washing powders that we have to use in Washing Machines.

So, we will clear our doubt by taking a different route that is frequently asked questions.

Here we go !!

Should you use normal detergent in a front loading machine ?

As we know that Front Load washing machine uses much less water, we should not use normal detergent in a front load washing machine. This is because normal detergent would get concentrated and then can damage machine and clothes too.

So, We should use high quality washing detergent powder in front loading washing machine.

However, we can use normal detergent in top loading washing machine because normal detergent will generate too much foam that is ideal condition for Top Loading Washing Machine.

Which detergent powder is best for a front load washing machine ?

after doing research for a front loading washing machine, we have found that Surf Excel Matic works best for front load machine.

Reason for choosing this detergent for a front loading machine is that it works on the high efficiency – low suds formula.

It leaves no residue on your clothes or machine and ensures a longer life for your machine.

Which detergent washing powder is best for a Top Load Washing Machine ?

Though we can use Ariel and Surf Excel both for a Top Load Machine but experiments have shown that Ariel performs slightly better than Surf Excel for the top loading washing machine.

Different variant of Ariel is available in market like Ariel Oxy Blue, Ariel Oxy blue Ultramatic, Ariel Matic and so on.

Liquid detergents of Ariel and Surf Excel are also available and you can use them also.

However, Ariel is slightly better than Surf Excel because Ariel has excellent stain removal qualities and we can also use less fabric softeners with Ariel.

Which washing powder is best for fully automatic washing machine ?

Various washing powders are available in market like Tide, Ariel, Surf Excel, Rin and so on.

But Experiments have shown that Ariel Matic performs better than almost any other washing powder.

Smell of Ariel Matic is very pleasant and this detergent will be very soft on your hands.

Actually, Ariel Matic contains fine granules which goes deep inside the fibres and cleans very well.

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